The Hero’s Journey: Upcoming

After the death of her son, Jason, in the deadliest and most controversial battle of the Afghan war, the Battle of Wanat, Carlene Cross was heartbroken and angry. The Hero’s Journey  traces her path from grief and bitterness to forgiveness. However, it is not simply the story of recovery but an inspirational tale inviting us to peer into our own unique purpose for existence.

Healing came as she began to embrace the purpose and beauty of Jason’s life. Seeing him as the champion of his own journey, here to write chapters in his life tale, transformed her sorrow into understanding. It allowed her to look beyond her loss, to the meaning of his life—to understand her son’s choices and bless his Hero’s Path.

In The Hero’s Journey,  she explores how each one of us can aspire to our own higher path of courage and compassion. Even though its lessons often involve the challenge of deep pain, its instruction contains the Pearl of Great Price. Prevailing over grief can reveal our capacity for inner strength, love and godlikeness.

Advance PRAISE:

The Hero’s Journey  is a triumphant of spirit and fortitude… I could not put it down until the last satisfying word. Jennie Shortridge, Author of Love Water Memory.

Eloquent and moving, The Hero’s Journey  is a book for anyone who has had to let go of anger and find forgiveness, who’s had to let go of the past and find happiness and healing. In other words, it is a book for us all.

Theo Pauline Nestor, Author of Writing is my Drink  and How to Sleep Alone in a King-Sized Bed